Aug 24, 2013

Transition Period

So a year just rolled by and not a post, nothing. It turns out I really am "SilentRob". Brock and I started Chloi Inc, and we did some amazing things. We wrote some software for people, and we wrote software for ourselves. It has been so much fun.

We had always planned on building a product, so we did that too. The Harp Platform is nearly ready to be opened up to the world and we are all super excited. We launched HarpJS a few weeks back and it went banannas, people are excited to try something new.

I spent a day rebooting my blog this weekend. It turns out my blog fell into disrepair not because I don't like to write, but because the process of publishing was painfull. I honestly couldn't remember where the site was hosted, or how to get content online. is not running on the Harp Platform, that means adding content is as easy as adding a file in Dropbox and pushing publish from the web portal.

The real test will be seeing how much time elapses before I post again. :)

Written by Rob Ellis