Rob Ellis started writing software at 15 yrs old learning C/C++ and Assembly. His first tech job was with Uniserve Online, a small Canadian ISP, working on web development, systems administration and mergers / acquisition.

After Uniserve Rob did a stint working for Kazoom Inovatioms a local startup, followed by Superb Internet a managed hosting company.

As the Web evolved, Rob found a new passion for client side development and mobile development. He went to work with Nitobi Inc., where he co-created PhoneGap, and Joyent working on cloud computing and projects using node.js before starting Chloi Inc, Harp and Surge.

As the web continues to evolve, so does the mediums in which people interact globaly, this has lead Rob to explore conversational interfaces, language, NLP and Dialogue Systems. The work in this field has lead to NaturalNode and SuperScript.


WalmartLabs - Intro to ReactSan Bruno, CASept 27, 2015
EmpireJSNew York, NYApril 26, 2015
VanJSVancouver BCApril 26, 2011
VanDevVancouver BCMarch 9, 2011
JSConf B-TrackWashington DCApril 18, 2010
QConSan Francisco CANov 18, 2009
VanJSVancouver BCOct 21, 2009
OSCONSan Jose CAJuly 20, 2009
Future RubyVancouver BCJuly 12, 2009
Open WebVancouver BCJuly 9, 2009